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Who Am I?

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(n.) /dhɑːs sʌnθəʊʃ/

defn. a male of South Indian descent, who once happened to click on 'View Source' of a webpage with genuine curiosity, and now is a Front-End Developer and UI/UX Designer [more]

What Do I Do?

Web Design and Development

Starting from single page landing sites to e-commerce sites, I help you visualize what you think, in the form of full-fledged websites and design prototypes.

Targeted, Results Providing Sites

With years of experience and extensive market research, the sites I build are targeted and user-oriented websites, that'll increase your overall conversion rate.

Copywriting and Online Strategies

A good copy does what thousands of better designs can't. That, along with other strategies like SEO, AdSense, Analytics etc. can take you far - in the long run.

What I've done?

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Amazon redesign with a modern UI, complete E-Commerce functionality including Payment Processing (Stripe API) and User Authentication (Firebase).

Tech Stack: React Router, Payment Processing with Stripe API, Firebase, Framer Motion

tmdb screenshot tmdb mobile screenshot


A compact single page application to browse and search for your favorite Movies and TV Shows. API provided by themoviedb.org

Tech Stack: ReactJs, Axios, Single Page Application

spotify screenshot spotify mobile screenshot


A Spotify - based Web Player, built with ReactJs, which uses the offical Spotify API to obtain user's details, playlists and control play state.

Tech Stack: ReactJs, Third Party Authentication, Spotify API

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